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An intensive three-day program searching for the excellence in the analysis and
comprehension of color in dentistry, dental photography and RAW digital post-processing.
For clinicians and technicians

26th, 27th & 28th April 2023

Theoretical program – part 1

  • Mastering Color:

    •  Basic color parameters: hue, chroma y value.
    • Translucency as value modulator.
    • Texture as value modulator.
    • Opalescence and fluorescence: myths and legends.
  • Bio-Emulation: a new approach to color in dentistry:

    • Optical properties of dental structures.
    • 3D anatomy: enamel vs dentin.
    • Understanding dental tissues ageing process.
  • Dynamic light observation.

  • The penta_laminar concept: a dynamic layering approach.

  • Practical Implementation: is it possible to simplify?

  • Emulating nature with a limited amount of shades. Simplification criteria.

  • Clinical application.
  • The tri_laminar concept: a simplified vision for posterior restorations

Theoretical program – part 2

  • Introduction to digital photography

  • The photography equipment: body, lens & illumination systems. Recommendations for dental photography,

  • Revisiting essential concepts for dental photography: shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, ISO and white balance.

  • Digital formats: RAW vs JPEG

  • Exposure control through histogram information

  • Optimising settings to maximise the information recording: understanding photography as capture-processing binomial.

  • The digital workflow: calibration and preset creation for batch processing.

  • Bio-Emulation: polar_eyes, fluor_eyes, white_balance & axis.

  • Bio-Emulation: advanced photography protocol.

  • eLAB® : the revolution in shade management: capture – calibrate – create.

Theoretical program – part 1

  • Basic photography. Get the maximum out of your ring flash

  • Advanced photo protocol step by step:

    • win flash
    •  polar_eyes
    • transillumination
    •  fluor_eyes
    • diffusers / bouncers
  • White balance calibration with white_balance™ card.

  • Photography protocol for eLAB® technique.

  • Working models photography.

  • Artistic photography

  • Work with participants cameras to fine tune for optimal settings.

Theoretical program – part 1

  • Color profiling

  • Import and basic use of Adobe Bridge & Camera Raw.

  • Tags, keywords and other organization tools in Adobe Bridge

  • White balance calibration

  • Presets creation inside Camera Raw

  • Advanced digital post-processing.

  • Artistic post-processing.

  • Export and file optimisation for different purposes.

  • Export and file optimisation for different purposes.

  • Digital color measurements.

  • Color measurement with eLAB prime

  • Strategies for working with eLAB technique

Javier Tapia Guadix

Javier Tapia Guadix was born in 1978 in Madrid, Spain. He finished dental school at the European University of
Madrid in 2003. Working then as associate professor in the prosthetics department during 2004.
In 2005 he started his career as professional computer graphics artist, focused on illustration, animation and
application development. He founded the company Juice – Dental Media Design for this purpose.
He received the Collegiate Merit Award by the Spanish College of Dentists from the 1st Region in 2005, for his
collaboration in the commission of new technologies.
In 2011 he founded together with Panaghiotis Bazos and Gianfranco Politano the Bio-Emulation group.
He actively collaborates with several universities across Europe and is member of GC Restorative Advisory Board.
In 2017 he became official reviewer for the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry.
Javier works in his private practice in Madrid, focused on restorative dentistry and aesthetics.
He is an international lecturer with participation in more than 300 congress, hands-on courses and live courses.
He published several articles in restorative dentistry, dental photography and computers in dentistry.

Registration fee 2.000€

(3 days – coffee breaks and lunch included)

Schedule:9:00h to 18:00h | 26th, 27th & 28th April 2023

Information and registration

Venue: Jacobo Somoza Institute | Centro Comercial Local 8-9, | Av. de Montepríncipe, | 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid-Spain
(+34) 722 722 796

Javier Tapia Guadix

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